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Joep is an passionated strength and conditioning coach who specializes in contextual training and elite performance management. He coaches athletes and teams in the weight room and on the field, to better movement and improved fitness for optimal performance. The fundamental need for contextuality for transfer of training is the root of his philosophy and the leading thread in his integrated approach. Joep has experience in professional sports and had the privilege to work with athletes and teams performing on high level (ao. bundesliga, MLS, premier league, eredivisie, uefa).


Joep is also a co founder of Performance Guys and master trainer, course instructor and ambassador for Ultimate instability, the founding company of aqua bags. Besides the training and high performance management Joep is available for presentations and consults on topics related to his specialties; contextual strength and movement training for speed, explosiveness, agility and dynamic stability.


Joep is always open for new adventures and opportunities and drinks his coffee all black.




Joep offers elite training and performance management solutions. Joep strives for significant improvement in speed, explosivity, agility, injury reduction, fitness and topics related. With his contextual approach Joep improves functional movement and fitness to support the physical demands of the sport and optimises critical performance outcomes. He lives to prepare and improve athletes and teams for performance on the highest level possible and allow them to get the most out of their talent and technical qualities.


Joep presents and consults on contextual movement and training related topics for athletes, teams and organisations. The complex dynamic nature of human movement and the effects on training and sports performance are the pillars in his workshops and consults. The link between how the body is built and controls movement and how it learns, improves and transfers to game performance are the roots of his philosophy and starting points for topics around strength and coordination, explosiveness, speed, agility and dynamic stability.