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Seeing stability in a tower of balancing rocks is one of the best examples of the misinterpretations which holds us from optimal performance in sports, business and daily life.

Most of our current systems are focused on wrong interpretations of important markers and qualities. We now judge values as intelligence, thinking ability and creativity with grades and tests in fixed school settings, judge stability on perfect balance acts and non volatility and define sports skills and talent by tests taken out of the all decisive context.

A big problem is that our education and learning systems, economy and job hiring systems, for example, are built on those wrong interpretations too and this approach create fragilista optima forma; we cant perform in chaotic contextual real world situations full of unpredictable stressors and ever change and make decisions based on misinterpretations. It seems no surprise that depression and burn outs are rising among young professionals who are not prepared for chaos and stress; instead of getting better of it stress leads to health problems. 

If we want to fruit our true creativity, intelligence and skills we need to change the rules and way we look at our systems dramatically.